We are part of one of the nations leading consulting groups that has saved companies like yours over $500M

You can enjoy the advantages of having us do a quick and painless online meeting or we can come to you and use our proprietary software program to see what benefits you qualify for.....the process only takes about 15 minutes.

Specialized Tax Incentives

Our proprietary software helps identify local, state, and federal tax incentives available for your business.  On average, for a small to mid size company, we are able to identify over $240k in benefits .

Corporate Expense Reductions

Our 11 point expense analysis identifies overcharges and billing errors in key expense areas such as Credit Card Merchant Processing, Parcel Shipping, Waste & Recycling, Property Taxes, and Workers Compensation Premiums. See services section.

Learn what Microsoft, Hyatt Hotels, GMC, Cadillac, IBM, NYC, General Mills, United Way, CAT, Chrysler, Hyundai, Perdue University, Johnson Controls and hundreds of other companies, states, cities, municipalities, Universities and more have gained through these services...

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