Access Discount Healthcare

Healthcare is changing rapidly - costs and wait times are increasing. Access Plus is there to meet the needs of you and your family by delivering convenient and affordable, on-demand access to licensed nurses and US Board certified doctors, 24x7.

AccessPlus' private and personal care coordination teams are ready to guide you to the right care, whether with an AccessPlus doctor or face-to-face provider. AccessPlus doctors are able to diagnose most common conditions and provide treatment plans. And with AccessPlus, you always have a caring nurse by your side, every step of the way!

  • Care Coordination- licensed nurses are available by phone 24x7 to guide you, schedule appointments, review treatment plans, follow up, and provide continuing support
  • Doctor Consultation- consult with US Board-Certified doctors within one hour, for new symptoms or chronic conditions from the convenience of home or work
  • Get the Care you need- AccessPlus doctors are able to provide treatment plans, which may include necessary prescriptions, lab tests, or imaging studies
  • Nurse Advocates are always free

Access Discount Healthcare is transforming consumer health services by delivering convenient and affordable access to quality health care and well being for the populations we serve.

ADHC's platform combines cutting-edge technology with access to highly trained healthcare professionals to connect employees with the benefits they need most.  Bringing ADHC to your Client's organization ultimately results in better health outcomes, improved productivity, lower costs, and higher morale for employees or members-which help make your Client's culture both happy and healthy.

Service Overview

  • With ADHC, real-time doctor appointments take place on the phone, computer, or mobile device. No more hassle of getting to the doctor’s office, long waits, or exposure to sickness. No more expensive co-pays. No more lost work or personal time. Utilizing our industry experience, our understanding of consumer need and the deep relationships we have fostered, we have the unique ability to align a broad range of medical and health care resources to provide fast, safe, convenient, dependable, and affordable access to health care.
    We utilize an approach to reach patients, engage them in making empowered health care decisions, and help maintain their ongoing journey to optimum health and well-being. Our unique strategy truly sets us apart in the eHealth landscape and helps our business partners to ensure that members and employees will be able to take full advantage of a premium, high-quality health care experience that will enhance their health, improve productivity, lower costs, and maintain their participation with their company or organization.

Program Benefits

Triage Nurse

Client satisfaction is 98%

Annual client retention is 95%

Comprehensive bouquet of services in the industry