Business Acquisitions

We buy profitable businesses that have at least 5 million net sales or 20 million in gross sales. There are no "hold backs" and 100% of the agreed sale price is paid to the seller....

Business Acquisition

IBSP LLC and its associates are interested in acquiring businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, and business service fields.

While private equity plays a critical role in the global M and A marketplace, this industry often has a negative perception in the minds of business founders. Unfortunately, sometimes this perception is a reality. As a result, we and our associates have built this portion of our business around providing ownership transitions specifically designed to fit the needs of founders/entrepreneurs and we work tirelessly to ensure their ideals and philosophies are not compromised.

IBSP LLC and its associates endeavor to maintain the culture that a founder has worked tirelessly to build. We strongly believe that a company's culture is a key determinate of success and are very careful to avoid disruptions post-closing.

IBSP LLC brings a highly differentiated and flexible approach to business owners. We provide a fair and transparent process that eliminates the usual pain points that arise when dealing with private equity firms and/or strategic acquirers. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss any and all opportunities that may exist.