Strategic Alliances

IBSP LLC works with professional practices across the country in many fields, chief among them are tax, legal, and financial service firms. Modern market trends have commoditized many industries once considered immune to this evolutionary reality.

With the explosion of the internet and service providers successful utilization of everything stemming from it, we find that professional practices are no longer simply competing against one another for their market share but rather are being forced to compete with powerful, inexpensive, and refined direct to consumer efforts driven and facilitated by the internet as well as the needs and demands of consumers (many focusing on efficiency and price point).

The unfortunate reality is that many professional firms are finding that they need to work longer and harder to simply maintain their profits and market standing. The work that IBSP LLC does in association with the professional practices with whom we operate is to effectively eliminate this commoditization. This is accomplished by adding to the industry specific services that the practice is able to bring to their clients - services that are strictly consulting in nature and are specific to the industry of the practice. Our strategies will enable the practice to enhance its offerings to its clients that will benefit them in a way that no one else can.

This not only eliminates the aforementioned commoditization, but also gives that practice a substantial competitive advantage over all of its peers within its functional geography or market. We accomplish this by educating the practice on our tools, providing them with an advisor to assist in their induction and serving as their back office so as to enhance their professional image rather than simply functioning in a referral structure. This ability and practice has made IBSP LLC the most successful facilitator of strategic alliances in the country